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My name is Kavita Gandhi and I created KavitaKriti (Creations by Kavita).

My speciality is Indian luxury hand painted silk scarves. Through KavitaKriti my hope is to create awe-inspiring silk scarves with an honest reflection of my Indian roots. Growing up I was surrounded by Indian textiles and embroideries and always marveled at the craftsmanship of what I saw. KavitaKriti is an avenue for me to pay homage to these wonderful art forms and represent them to you in my own way.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Playing with Silk

This week I was in the mood to play with silk and I captured the process in a storyboard below. I tried several techniques and basically just let the silk do all the work :)
Dribbling paint, watermarks, salting, gutta work, watercolor effect, brush strokes, paint spots... basically all around good fun!

My idea was to paint alternating squares of blue and black blockprint designs with a border all around the scarf. I was going for a blockprint-batik effect and so started with two blockprint designs and traced them on the silk using clear gutta. Once the gutta dried it was on to the painting.

My color palette consisted of a sky blue, sort of lime green and black. I started with the blue blockprint squares and then filled-in the border. The green seemed too green (if that is at all possible :)), so I dulled it down with a little watered-down blue overpainted on the green and then finally gave the entire border a rinse of black resulting in this lovely dull henna color.

Next I filled in the black blockprint squares. All of the silk dyes were painted on dry silk and I let the colors flow in every which direction. The gutta lines were not solid so the colors mixed and mingled in every way possible. 

The dry silk probably stopped the dye from flowing around too much ofcourse. Finally I did a little bit of salting for texture in some of the squares and watermarks in others. I did not wipe away any of the paint spots purposely leaving them in for an uneven look. The final pictures of the scarf are displayed below and I'm quite happy with the final result. The colors work well together and the blockprint design is interesting.