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My name is Kavita Gandhi and I created KavitaKriti (Creations by Kavita).

My speciality is Indian luxury hand painted silk scarves. Through KavitaKriti my hope is to create awe-inspiring silk scarves with an honest reflection of my Indian roots. Growing up I was surrounded by Indian textiles and embroideries and always marveled at the craftsmanship of what I saw. KavitaKriti is an avenue for me to pay homage to these wonderful art forms and represent them to you in my own way.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Music to my Ears - Crepe silk, Indian luxury hand painted silk scarf

Indian Hand Painted Hand Dyed Luxury Silk Scarves by KavitaKriti
Music to my Ears is a breathtaking pure crepe silk scarf in luscious crimson, mulled wine and port shades. The colors in this luxury hand painted silk scarf are rich and warm and resonate perfectly with the musical instrument motifs in the scarf. The style of the scarf is typical of tie-dye dupattas in India.

An Indian wedding musical instrument motif is painted on both ends of the scarf. The long sides of the scarf are decorated with a henna vine.

Measurements: 10 x 58 inches (25 x 147 cm)

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Indian Hand Painted Hand Dyed Luxury Silk Scarves by KavitaKritiIndian Hand Painted Hand Dyed Luxury Silk Scarves by KavitaKriti

I really enjoyed painting this particular piece. I had my eye on the musical motifs for quite some time but could not figure out what I wanted to do with them.

Now the fun beings. My color palette from the Color Palette Generator

Harmonizing palettes matching colors in my scarf from COLOURlovers

And finally my storyboard :)

Music to my...
Indian Hand Painted Hand Dyed Luxury Silk Scarves by KavitaKriti
Music to my ears... by kavitakriti

Now this was a very exciting experiment. I would have never thought to wear Music to my Ears with aquamarine. The scarf definitely works with pomegranate and plum colors but is a very nice touch to a chocolate or beige attire as well. Yippy!!!


Reshma said...

Thats some palette! Looks good Kavita! The pomegranate cooler looks very refreshing and yes goes pretty well with that beautiful scarf of yours!

Kavita Gandhi said...

Thanks Reshma. It was fun learning how to use those tools :)

Joy Light said...

Kavita, I love this palette and the harmonizing tool is especially fantastic. I love how you've taken the tools and created a story board, this one is so exciting, I love each item, especially that refreshing drink and the big blue ring!


Kavita Gandhi said...

Thank you Joy :)